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How to Get Started

Participating in the Pratham AI Hackathon is simple and it's free!

Who can Participate:
All high school students (ages 15-19) in the Seattle Metropolitan Area​ or the Bay Area are encouraged to participate.

College students: consider becoming an intern! Visit our internship info page here.​

No Prior Experience Needed!
The Pratham AI Hackathon is a beginner friendly competition, anyone interested in Computer Science, AI or just solving real world problems is welcome to participate. The hackathon provides learning resources and access to mentors who can assist in understanding AI concepts and the technical aspects necessary for project development. This is a great opportunity for hands on learning, in a supportive and educational environment.
We have also partnered with aiXplain to provide assistance for our hackers.
  • It is a no-code/low-code AI platform that helps transform ideas into tangible solutions without the complexities of building and deploying AI solutions.

  • Using aiXplain is entirely optional for hackers

Why aiXplain?

  • No Coding Experience Needed: aiXplain enables hackers to develop, manage, benchmark, and deploy AI assets effortlessly, without any machine learning or coding experience.

  • Comprehensive Resources and Support: If you hoose to build your solutions with aiXplain, you'll be provided with credits and support to help you build your AI solutions.

​Team Composition​
Both individual and team registrations are welcome. 
Participants who are applying as individuals will be placed on teams with other students depending on their skills. For example, someone with strong coding capability would ideally be paired with someone with a strong skill set in project management, another person with UX experience, etc. The goal is to create teams with diverse skill sets.   

Hackathon Topic 

Bring your ideas, research a problem in education that can be improved upon with AI, discuss with mentors, and build on it!
We have also provided two ideas you can start with. Learn the scenarios, and build your own solutions to these problems.

· Career Guidance (CG)

· Corporate Skilling (CS)

Career Guidance (CG)

Underprivileged youth in India face challenges in securing employment due to a lack of skills awareness and difficulties navigating job search platforms. You will have access to information about specific individuals and their skill areas. You will also have access to information about the jobs available in those fields, the required qualifications, resources to skill up and more.


Can you come up with the idea for an AI based solution to help these individuals identify career paths for themselves?

Career Skilling (CS)

Underprivileged youth lack basic soft skills, harming their chances of getting employed by the corporate sector. Many don’t possess basic communication skills in their own language (let alone English), don’t display confidence, and lack basic grooming. This inhibits their ability to write resumés, submit applications, and attend job interviews.


Can you design a solution to help this segment learn basic soft skills that will help them get employed in formal sectors?


Note: Submissions can be made any time in the course of the development period as far as your team and mentor are satisfied with your deliverables. 

The final submission will include all or most of the following deliverables:

  • Presentation slides

  • Pitch video

  • Data sets

  • Code

  • Documentation

  • Sample test sets

  • Simulated demo(s)

What's in it for you?


Beginner friendly competition: All students interested in computer science are welcome to register! No prior experience in Hackathons is required

Hands-on Learning: Students will get a platform to build innovative AI solutions to practical challenges

Expert Mentorship: Students will be mentored for programming, marketing, and design by a team of industry stalwarts

Social Impact: Students will get an opportunity to solve relevant social issues problems faced by underprivileged youth in accessing job opportunities and enhancing their soft skills

Awards: All participants will receive a certificate of participation (if required for school). Winning solutions will get exciting cash prizes ($200, $500, $1000, $2000) awards for showing ideation, innovation/design & social impact

Team Collaboration: Work alongside peers in a competitive​​ yet supportive environment


Check out this podcast by some of our mentors talking about the problem space, AI, hackathons, and advice for the hackers!

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