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Beginner Resources

Creating any application first requires understanding of basic data structures that are the building blocks for programming. Regardless of what language you build your backend in, the concept of data structures is common across all of them in order to store, organize, and manipulate data. Here are some basic data structures worth looking into:


  • Arrays

  • Stacks

  • Queues

  • Maps

  • Sets


Of these data structures, the most common to build applications are some version of arrays and maps. They are known for their optimal data storage, and in the case of hash maps, fast data accessibility ( reads).


Along with data structures, other concepts that are necessary to understand for any object-oriented programming language include: Classes, Objects, Inheritance, If Loops, While loops


It is best to use a language like Python or Java when first trying to use these data structures to organize your data and create the backbones of your application. Here are some resources for Python:

Python Resources: Learn Python - Free Interactive Python Tutorial or Learn Python – Free Python Courses for Beginners or Python Tutorial (, Neural Networks in Python - A Complete Reference for Beginners - AskPython


Java Resources: MOOC Java Programming, Udemy Beginners Java Course




After learning and implementing data structures you can steadily start to think about the end-to-end application development process, which brings us to the intermediate track.

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