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About Pratham

History and Mission:
Founded on the belief that every child must have the opportunity to go to school and learn,  Pratham is now one of India’s largest non-governmental organizations in the education sector. From beginnings in the slums of Mumbai to a national organization operating in 23 states and union territories, Pratham remains steadfastly committed to the mission of “every child in school and learning well”. See this video of how Pratham's educational programs are transforming lives in rural India. ​

How does Pratham address gaps in education system:

Pratham uses innovative, low-cost, replicable interventions that span the age spectrum. Working both directly and through government systems, these programs collectively reach millions of children and thousands of school dropouts each year. In “direct” work, a Pratham instructor works with children either in the school or in the community, whereas the “partnership” model involves Pratham teams working closely with government teams at the state, district or city level to design and implement programs. ​

Pratham's reach:

Pratham's educational programs span different age groups enabling early childhood (3-6 years) to Elementary school (grades 1-5) education, equipping youth (18-25 years) with employable skills, and helping girls and women with a second chance to complete their education. Pratham runs over 140 centers across the country, reaching more than 6.3M children and youth. ​

Check this story of a young girl, Sarojini, who against many odds educated herself through Pratham's online training programs and gained financial independence.

Also see this TED Talk from Dr Rukmini Banerji, CEO of Pratham Education Foundation, where she underscores an important issue in India: while over 98% of children are enrolled in school, basic learning levels remain unacceptably low across all grades. She emphasizes that the implementation of the National Education Policy 2020 is crucial to address this disparity and ensure that every child not only attends school but also achieves meaningful learning outcomes.​

For additional details and many inspirational stories, go to

This event and website is operated by volunteers and is not directly monitored by or affiliated with the official organization of Pratham USA. The content shared here may not necessarily reflect the opinions or representations of the organization.

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